IV & Nutrient Therapy Training


This course is designed for practitioners who want to learn about intravenous nutritional therapies and how to implement them into their practices.

From the fundamental basics of IV Nutrient Therapy for wellness and anti-aging, to the advanced use of IV Therapy for chronic illness and substance abuse, we offer customized training that caters to you and your practice.

Training sessions, while completely customizable, generally cover all the key components of IV Nutrient Therapy, including but not limited to:
  • Mechanism of action of each nutrient: minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • IV Nutrient Therapy safety, including management of potential adverse events.
  • Patient consultations and treatment documentation.
  • Calculating the osmolarity of each cocktail.
  • Preparing vitamin, mineral, and amino acids cocktails.
  • Setting up drips and calculating drip rates.
  • Protocols for practitioners to use in their clinics.