RX Platform


MyPracticeConnect™ is a prescription platform created solely for the purpose of simplifying the necessary components to practice integrative/wellness medicine. The software is powerful enough to immediately impact your practice work-flow, but simple enough to not disrupt your current business operations. The software was designed to help providers get started or expand into more wellness medicine modalities.

MyPracticeConnect™ is an electronic communication between medical providers, patients, and compounding pharmacies. Easily send and pay for prescriptions for both office use and patient specific, email or print patient educational materials, surf through several clinically tested medical protocols, nutrient injections therapies, intravenous therapies and peptide therapies to increase practice revenue immediately.

With no need to change from your current EMR or become board certified, you can immediately begin practicing wellness medicine and enjoy occupational satisfaction and improved patient care.

Upload your patient database into the system and get started…it’s that easy.